We’re Here!

We’re Here!

Day 1 is over and done, and what a long day it was. We began 4am EST en route to JFK, made our way to Johannesburg as painlessly as 16 hours in a plane can be. After that, the two more hours to Blantyre flew by (haha get it?) and we stepped onto the tarmac to the smiling face of our driver, companion, and friend – Joe.  All of our luggage arrived with us and aside from a few hard stares at customs, we were free to explore and start our work in breathtaking Malawi! The first engineering feat of the trip came upon us quickly – how to squeeze the luggage of six people on top of an average sized vehicle (see picture for final product).  Errands and conversation ran freely as we traversed the countryside en route to our final destination at Namin’gazi Farms where a very welcome sight of a home cooked meal and beds to sleep in were waiting for us.

Almost 36 hours of travel, three meals above 30,000 feet, scant hours of sporadic sleep, and an unfortunate lack of Johannesburg cappuccinos later, we’re all still rearing to go. Tomorrow marks our first day of work and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Here’s to an amazing and productive two weeks!


Engineering feat #1Malawi scenery

Malawi Project
Malawi Project
The Malawi Project Team is currently partnered with the community of Mphero in Malawi, and is investigating how The Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware Chapter, can best aid the community.
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