The First Sip

The First Sip

Today the first drops of water have finally reached the hands of the community! I can’t believe it has already been a week. So much progress has been made!

The first borehole well has been screened and cased, a pump test was completed and we are now drilling the second borehole well. Once we pump test both, we will be able to finish the more productive well with a hand pump to bring water to the community!

Yesterday we had to do some quick, on-our-feet engineering. The well driller came over in a panic because once we reached the desired depth, some weathered rocks were falling down to the bottom of the well and he feared that this may continue and the well may collapse! The team moved quickly to analyze our rock samples to design the well’s screening and casing. It was such a stressful moment, but I was so proud that the team was able to come together, use our engineering skills, and successfully design the first borehole well.

But the best moment of all was watching the community members line up with buckets as we completed the pump test on the first well to collect the water coming out. One by one the buckets lined up on the ground as the women sang and danced while we filled the buckets with water being pumped out. I finally realized just how great of a difference we have been able to make.

We are all tired because the days have been long and require lot of hard work, but it is so amazing to know the difference we can help make in the lives of so many wonderful people.









































Malawi Project
Malawi Project
The Malawi Project Team is currently partnered with the community of Mphero in Malawi, and is investigating how The Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware Chapter, can best aid the community.
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