Rainy Days

Rainy Days

It’s finally Break DAY!!!! I had the chance to sleep in, though I didn’t, no scheduled meetings or activities. After breakfast we packed up to get ready to go the beach. Yaya prepared a picnic for us take with us, and we brought our bathing suits and towns, and headed out.

It was a two drive, and fascinating because we got to see the countryside and towns and hear about how its been influenced and changed from Concepcion. On the way, we stopped at two markets, and saw interesting fan designs and foods. When we were almost there, rain started pouring down in sheets, ruining my dreams of a sunny beach day. Luckily, after a little bit, the rain died down. The water was very shallow and felt like bath water, it was so warm. After testing the waters, we headed back to eat lunch.

When trying to reach a sandy, shallow area, we failed to realize that instead of stepping on rocks and pebbles, we could’ve walked around in the softer sand. Though it was cloudy, and little a cold, I decided to brave the temperature go under the water. I was happy to find that being in the water was warmer then the air. While sitting in the sand and enjoying water, a group of young children approached me, asking me for my name and where I was from. After introductions, they shared with me the sea critters they’d found in the water. They had crabs the size of thumbnail, starfish, and snails. I found one myself, and we started to collect them in Natalie’s hat. Kids were laughing and screaming because of the reactions to the crabs and holding them in our hands. After awhile, we finally returned them to the waters. We then were practicing how to swim with them–even though the water was too shallow to go anywhere–and doing cartwheels. Eventually the fun had to end, and we went back and met new friends, one who owned the resort we were at, and another, an Australian contractor. We exchanged sentiments about the weather and swapped stories of our homelands.

We headed back to our hut, and prepared to leave. This entailed me and Natalie needing to rinse off and change, because we were covered in sand. While we waited to do so, we met the same children we played with, and one of them even wanted to take a selfie with us. We left just in time, because the rain started again. The drive back seemed short, and after we got back, we had another delicious meal and prepared for the second half of our trip.

Philippines Project
Philippines Project
The Philippines Project Team is currently partnered with the community of Ubujan in the Philippines, and is investigating how The Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware Chapter, can best aid the community.
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