Chapter Projects

  • Evaluate

    Determine the Need

  • Plan

    Solution Engineering

  • Construct

    Solution Implementation

  • Maintain

    Solutions for Lasting Change

Current Project


The Malawi Project is currently assessing Phero village and exploring potential solutions, including borehole wells, biosand filtration and rainwater catchment, to supply potable water to the community. We will be working with the Village Implementation Committee to educate, plan and sustain the project once the design stages commence in the near future. The team is currently working to prepare its second assessment trip planned for June 2015 to gain more extensive knowledge of the community, terrain and resources.

Current Project

The Philippines

EWB-UD recently submitted an application to EWB-USA to gain approval for a formal partnership between EWB-UD and the community of Ubujan, on the island of Bohol, in the Philippines. The community is highly vulnerable due to severe weather that hits the island. They are increasingly susceptible to infrastructure issues due to climate change. Our project in the community will help address their water needs.

Past Projects

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