Market Travels

Market Travels

Getting an early start in the morning, we headed out to Tagbilaran to meet with contractors. The drive was scenic, getting to appreciate the different coasts of Bohol. We got to see Concepcion’s old home, and hear about what’s changed in the past couple of years.

Arriving in the city, I found it to be a clash of progress and old, run-down shops. We were surrounded by bikers and people walking in between traffic. After our meeting with the contractor, we went to some tourist shops to see if anything piqued our interest, and were greeted by the typical merchandise. So then, we went to the market in Tagbilaren. Underneath a single roof, lay shops selling fish, rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, seaweed, baskets, and many more things. Every stall had small light bulbs illuminating their products. I can still recall the smell of the dried fish. Afterwards, we headed to the mall that was just across the parking lot. The inside resembled a lot of American stores, and even had a dunkin donuts. We entered a fast-serve restaurant, where we ate roast chicken and vegetable egg rolls. Since your supposed to eat with your hands, they had an open sink to wash your hands in. Then Concepcion took us to another restaurant, to get halo-halo, which is a dessert made of shaved ice, coconut, ube ice cream, and jellies. It was very refreshing,IMG_5342 and we even went to a local coffee shop, to get our hands on something other then instant espresso.

We then headed to a local hardware store, very similar to Home Depot, to get more information on the prices of the materials we need to acquire. After getting all the information we could, we headed home, to prepare for our last day in the Philippines.

Philippines Project
Philippines Project
The Philippines Project Team is currently partnered with the community of Ubujan in the Philippines, and is investigating how The Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware Chapter, can best aid the community.
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