EWB needs your support! EWB-University of Delaware is responsible for raising its own project and travel funds, establishing contacts with international communities and professionals, and designing feasible engineering solutions. Any contributions you make will go directly toward travel, materials and building costs for site-assessment and implementation trips associated with involved projects.

By supporting Engineers Without Borders, you would also be contributing to the immediate health impact of reducing the number of often fatal illnesses such as diarrhea and dysentery associated with contaminated drinking water. We encourage you to take the initiative as a world citizen in meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. which include universal access to sanitary water by the year 2030. Also, you would be aiding in the development of experienced, globally aware and environmentally conscious engineers with the organizational and technical problem-solving skills of working within groups and with other cultures. You will undoubtedly benefit from this tax-deductible investment in the futures of engineering students and the world.

Thank you for your support!

Dr. Dentel EWB Enrichment Fund:

In celebration of the dedication of Dr. Steve Dentel, the founder of EWB-UD, the Dentel-Post family has generously established an enrichment fund to support current and future EWB-UD efforts. Donations to the fund will support EWB-UD projects for years to come! A link to donate is below.

Donation by credit card:

To pay by credit card, make an online donation. Please make sure your contribution is designated for Other – “Engineers Without Borders”.

Donation by check or money order:

To pay by check or money order, make your donation out to University of Delaware specifying Engineers Without Borders in the memo line. Please send your donation to:

Development and Alumni Relations
Gifts Receiving and Processing Office
83 East Main Street, 3rd Floor
Newark, DE 19716

We would like to thank the following contributors for their generous donations:

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