Ways you can get involved with our chapter

Donate Materials

With any project we undertake, test equipment and other supplies are critical in for project implementation. We tend to bring our own testing equipment, but try to purchase all the materials needed for successful project implementation locally with your financial support. We are currently crowdfunding to purchase supplies for our Philippines Project implementation phase. Please visit our Donations page to learn more.

Contribute Finances

Monetary contributions are critical in covering travel expenses and purchasing all of the materials needed for successful project implementations. We build lasting relationships with our partner villages in-country, requiring several assessment trips for team members before implementation. To learn more, visit our Donations page and lend us your financial assistance.

Become a Student Volunteer

EWB-UD is always looking for more students to become involved. With greater support, we will be able to expand to more projects. If you are interested in EWB at the University of Delaware, come to a meeting! Fall meetings have resumed, and are held every Thursday at 7:00 PM, Location TBD. For more information, please consult our calendar. To be notified of all information, request to be added to the email list (you must be in Newark, DE to view this webpage, otherwise please contact us to do it for you). We strive to be an inclusive club; individuals of all majors and backgrounds are welcome!

Contribute Technical Expertise

As we plan our projects we will always need the expertise and resources of professional engineers. As a member of our Advisory Council, your technical skills would help assure a workable approach with appropriate levels of technology. The Advisory Council will meet only 1-2 times per year as a body, but will be sent e-mail updates, invited to EWB meetings at critical planning junctures for projects, and individual board members are likely to be brought in on projects when their expertise is particularly useful. If you wish to contribute technical experience by becoming a member of our Advisory Council, please email us your name and area of expertise.

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