Big Boreholes and Bigger Burgers

Big Boreholes and Bigger Burgers

Each day spent in the beautiful country of Malawi brings our team a little closer. Today we went to Chilimani again to oversee the progress of our borehole.

The pump had been installed in the days prior, so we began constructing the pad to be placed around the borehole. After a group effort to push a truck out of the sand, some members dug the ramp, while others transported bricks from the truck to the well. Once the pad is in place, it will only be about two weeks before the cement dries and the well can be used!
Each day here has brought a new challenge. At Kipp’s, a restaurant in the town of Zomba, I was tasked with consuming the most impressive burger I have ever seen: 2 layers of chicken, a fried egg, tomato, lettuce, spicy mayo, surrounded in a pile of fries. Mission accomplished in 11 minutes.
As we head into the final days, we are seeking out new villages to partner with. We have very busy days ahead of us, so wish us luck!




Malawi Project
Malawi Project
The Malawi Project Team is currently partnered with the community of Mphero in Malawi, and is investigating how The Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware Chapter, can best aid the community.
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