We have FINALLY arrived in the Philippines. After 2 days of travel, it is a relief and exciting to finally be here. The flight from Hong Kong to Cebu, seemed so short in comparison to our last flight, and we were pleasantly surprised that the plane we boarded had TVs, for a 2 and half hour flight. Looking back, I must say that the airplane food we were served was actually quite good, changing my long-held opinion that it will only make you sick.

When we arrived, we were first greeted by by a long line for the immigration regulation. However, the wait was worth it, when we finally got to see Natalie’s grandparents. To get to Tubigon, you have to take a ferry, however the only two left that day was one one-thirty, and another at eight PM. We didn’t get in the car until 12:30, and from then on, it was Natalie’s grandpa racing down the street in the hectic traffic to get to the pier. I’d never seen driving like I had today, because people drove with no rules, and did whatever they wanted, whenever, regardless of traffic. We ran into the check-in, frantic to ensure we got on that boat, and thankfully made it.

On the boat, I got to see many different, beautiful, landscapes, and the towns that littered them. After we docked and started heading towards the cars, the best surprise occurred, Noni and other villagers was waiting for us with a banner. It was an honor for us to recognized and honored in this way, and made us extremely happy and excited that they were looking forward to this meeting too. Afterwards, we drove through many towns to arrive in Inabanja. We then had to get our phone sim cards and wifi, and got to walk around the marketplace and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be member of this community.

Maija Griffioen

Philippines Project
Philippines Project
The Philippines Project Team is currently partnered with the community of Ubujan in the Philippines, and is investigating how The Engineers Without Borders, University of Delaware Chapter, can best aid the community.
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